Build Type

The build type updater class allows the association of a number with a build type parameter. This is supplied through a property named build passed using the –p command-line argument.

The build type updater takes five attributes: debug, alpha, beta, candidate and release that accept a numerical value. The corresponding value is then returned based on whether the build property is set to debug, alpha, beta, candidate or release.

When the build property is undefined or something other than the aforementioned types, the returned value defaults to the value assigned to the debug attribute.

When any of these attributes are omitted, its value will be defaulted to 0.

    <build-type debug="1" alpha="2" beta="3" candidate="4" release="5" />


This section details the attributes for the fixed updater class.

Attribute Description
debug Specifies a standard debugging build used during development.
alpha Specifies an alpha release that may well have known bugs, traditionally tested internally.
beta Specifies a beta release that is more stable than an alpha release, traditionally released for external testing.
candidate Specifies a build that could be a release if it passes testing.
release Specifies a final release of an application.

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